Being an economically developed nation, Canada is a pricy place to study English.
A language school in Canada typically costs between $3,446 and $4,083 in Canadian dollars, according to EduCanada. The expense of lodging, food, and transportation are not considered (included) in these programs, which are held in popular Canadian cities including Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary.

Here is some sample costing for language schools in some of Canada’s key metropolitan areas:

Toronto: 12-week English language school = CAD 3,515
Vancouver: 12-week English language school = CAD 4,083

Although it can be difficult, learning English on your own is feasible. Even though there isn’t somebody physically present to assist you in practicing, a little change from your daily life can enhance your English ability.

1. Sticking vocabulary around your house
Especially for the grammar rules, which students often find difficult to remember. To put them in a place where you often go, like the bathroom or your bedroom, where you can remind yourself of those rules.

2. Start writing a blog

You can move on to sentences and eventually paragraphs once you feel comfortable with shorter writing assignments like captions.

3. Change your phone settings

To change the default language settings on their devices and apps to English would force you to think in English.

4. Read for interest

Highlighters are excellent for emphasizing unfamiliar words. Remember to check the definition and put it to memory as well.

5. Write down the summary
Listening to podcasts, watching English-language movies and television, and watching videos are all effective strategies to enhance your English on your own. Writing down a summary each time will definitely helps to memorize the content you have learnt.

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