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In this video lesson, you will learn how to write in English more effectively. You’ll learn how to write in English that is more effective, concise, and easy to read.

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You may find out how to write better English in this class. For English language learners, writing is frequently the hardest skill to master. It takes a lot of language control and significant attention to detail to learn to write successfully. Even yet, writing to a high degree is difficult, even for native speakers. Whatever your current level of English is, you may use the suggestions in this video to get some inspiration and enhance your writing.

Duration: 40 mins/ lesson

Class One – Business Writing – Video

How to Write an Email,  a Cover Letter, a Business Letter

How to Write Persuasively

Class Two – Academic Writing – Video

Students study four different note-taking techniques in this session. In order to practice each note-taking technique, students see example notes and listen to lectures.

Students gain advice on how to communicate their thoughts in this class. Students see an example of an opinion paragraph before writing their own.

Students will discover some entertaining pre-writing strategies in this class to help them come up with ideas for their writing projects.

How to Write an Outline, Introductory Paragraph, Body Paragraphs, Concluding Paragraph, Summary

Class Three – Media – Video

The topic of blogging is presented to the class in this lecture. Students gain knowledge of post formatting, editing, and moderation.

Students are introduced to microblogging in this lesson. They practice tweeting and pick up some Twitter slang. Also, they pick up some helpful acronyms and advice on how to condense lengthy thoughts into tweetable chunks.

Class Four – Creative Writing – Video

How to Write a Poem, Descriptive Paragraph, Short Story





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