English Pronunciation Lessons


You may learn how to write emails in English by watching this video lesson. You may learn how to write a comprehensible, well-structured English email by following our straightforward steps.

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You may learn everything you need to know about English pronunciation in this lesson on how to speak one English sentence.
You’ll notice that even in one sentence, there’s a lot to consider! You will acquire the tips, tactics, and techniques required to speak English clearly and fluently.

Duration: 20 mins/ lesson

Class One – Human Speech System – Video

Simple explanation of how speech sounds, syllables, and words are physically produced.

Class Two – Pronunciation Terms – Video

Word and expression glossary

Class Three – Word Stress – Video

The key to speaking English fluently! Although English uses the word stress, many other languages don’t, so you too must!

Class Four – English is not Phonetic – Video

Never forget that English isn’t “phonetic.” So, we do not necessarily pronounce words in the same way that we spell them.


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