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CourseKingdoms is a pure academic focused online platform, separating learners (students) and teachers into two different user categories and encouraging them to exchange their ideas and discuss freely.

CourseKingdoms aims to provide quality education to the public. Our diverse and reputable courses online attract people to purchase learning material and by our social network function, our users are able to connect with others and make companions at the same time while learning new skills on CourseKingdoms.

Frank is a professional and reputable English teacher in Hong Kong, he has over 20 years of teaching and is a dedicated teacher. He is passionate in language studies, and during his teaching years in Hong Kong, he observed a problem of spoon-feeding education in the City and how his students’ development was limited by such a cramming education system. It has been his dream to introduce diversified learning experience to learners, however, with limitations he encountered in Hong Kong like restricted teaching syllabus, he was not able to achieve and execute his ideas.

In order to follow his dream, Frank studied many situations in many parts of the world, and he finalized his decision in Canada.
Frank admires the endless potential in Canada, and its degree of freedom to learn and create. With the huge market needed domestically in Canada, Franks seizes the opportunity to develop a brand new teaching mode under the sociological effects brought by COVID-19.

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“It Was Really Interesting”

Before I used to think that studying with a tutor means you’re not good enough, or that there is not enough time and knowledge for you during the regular study. However, now I understand how great it is to learn additionally!

Brian Woods

18 years old
“I Enjoyed Every Lesson”

I am grateful for your wonderful job! Your tutors are the best, and I am completely satisfied with the level of professional teaching. I recommend these courses to everyone, and wish you, guys, luck with the new studies!

Francis White

20 years old
“I Enjoyed Every Lesson”

My dream has come true! I was able to start working on getting my degree, and if it wasn’t for your help, it would have taken me quite some time to reach the goal. Thank you very much, and please, continue your great job!

Pamela Raymond

20 years old
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